Hey, I'm Nat, im 20 a Arts uni student and i live in/around the south east of England

I like to draw but am usually to lazy to do any thing but when i do ill tag them my art.

Im usually bored so literally ask me anything, like start a conversation or ask me to draw something and ill try my best.

Other than that i usually reblog ouat,Orphan Black, genraly things i just find funny.


"Breaking Glass" (4x05) - Regina reluctantly teams up with Emma to search for the Snow Queen after Sidney, who is once again Regina’s prisoner in the mirror, discovers her whereabouts and agrees to lead her to the location.

(Source: chris-lll)

Emma: Everyone, Regina knows how to find the Snow Queen, so we're reluctantly teaming up to find her.

Snow: Reluctantly?

Emma: What?

Snow: You said you're reluctantly teaming up.

Regina: That's right.

Henry: If you're "reluctantly" working together why are you both holding hands?

Emma: ...err.

Regina: The cold. It's so cold and neither of us has gloves.

Emma: Thats right, the cold.

Hook: We're indoors.

Emma: ...so we are. Huh, I hadn't noticed.

Snow: That's not the only thing you haven't noticed.

Emma: What?

Snow: Your pants.

Emma: What about them?

Charming: You're not wearing any.

Emma: Oh my god! Regina, why didn't you say anything?

Regina: Two very good reasons, and I'm staring right at them.

Henry: *sigh* I am never getting out of therapy.

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Emma: Send help. I’m tied to a chair.

Regina: You’re enjoying it.